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Memory and storage technologies can be intricate, and distribution processes often come with their complexities. However, it doesn't need to be challenging for you.

At Asia Distribution, we are dedicated to assisting our customers by simplifying the process of understanding, selecting, and sourcing the technologies you require, all while surpassing expectations.

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In doing so, our clients enhance their ability to retain and acquire more business, bolster financial performance, and elevate customer satisfaction levels.

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Manufacturers of cutting-edge technology on a global scale, renowned for delivering top-tier performance, quality, and support.

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Our passion for memory technology spans 18 years, making sourcing and understanding easy for our clients. See what they have to say…
Asia Distribution
Asia Distribution

Your dedicated partner in memory and storage solutions.

Should you require assistance comprehending, choosing, or acquiring memory products, and are curious about our capabilities in the subsequent domains:
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Enabling the world to manage data through world-class memory and storage solutions

When you opt to collaborate with Asia Distribution, you’re tapping into a wealth of over 200 years’ worth of collective industry experience, knowledge, and insights. Our team members genuinely care about your success and are unwaveringly committed to assisting you in reaching your business objectives.

At the core of our business approach lie our culture, values, and commitment to exceptional customer service. With over 18 years of specialization in memory distribution, we’ve built a sterling reputation in the industry. Being privately owned, we take immense pride in our business performance and the trust our clients have placed in us.

Our financial stability and ISO accreditation serve as tangible proof that partnering with us means aligning with a company that is not only secure and reliable but also adds substantial value to your endeavors.

When you enter into a partnership with us, you can anticipate encountering these values embodied across all our departments on a daily basis.


At Asia Distribution, we actively promote the continuous development of our colleagues' knowledge and skills, aiming to enrich both customer experiences and personal growth.


We are deeply committed to providing an exceptional customer experience, take pride in our heritage, and maintain a strong focus on becoming the preferred and trusted partner for both our customers and vendors.


Our dedication lies in attaining the utmost standards and surpassing expectations consistently. Leveraging our robust vendor relationships empowers us to wholeheartedly support our customers in return.


Asia Distribution fosters a robust and supportive business culture, complemented by a structured Corporate Social Responsibility program centered on causes close to our hearts.


Asia Distribution nurtures a strong and supportive organizational culture, enhanced by a well-structured Corporate Social Responsibility initiative that revolves around causes we deeply care about.


While we remain dedicated to our work, we also prioritize enjoyment and meaningful interactions among ourselves, our vendors, and our customers, fostering strong relationships and a vibrant working environment.

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