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Asia Distribution provides a comprehensive portfolio of embedded storage products sourced from leading manufacturers worldwide.

Small but powerful

Embedded storage solutions like nanoSSD and eMMC play crucial roles in memory technology. Distinguished by their compact designs, lack of moving parts, low power consumption, high capacity, fast speeds, and small size, embedded storage emerges as the preferred choice for space-constrained systems.

Simms offers nano SSDs tailored for various industries, featuring higher capacities of up to 512GB. These embedded technology SSDs cater to servers, laptops, desktops, edge, and industrial computers, providing a wide array of options designed to address diverse environments and workloads.

Constant Innovation

With the exponential growth in demand for consumer devices, embedded storage is increasingly becoming the preferred choice of design engineers due to its compact footprint that delivers performance beyond its size. Offering fast speeds and high endurance in a form factor smaller than a one-pence coin, embedded storage packs a powerful punch.

In addition to consumer products, embedded modules are swiftly gaining traction across various applications, including Single Board Computers (SBC), robotics, medical devices, automotive, networking, and building control systems. This popularity stems from their compact size, low power consumption, and extensive customizability. With the rapid expansion of the IoT market, these modules are finding their way into cutting-edge applications, driving innovation across industries.

Find Your Fit

Asia Distribution provides a comprehensive range of embedded solutions spanning capacities from 8GB to 512GB, featuring various NAND Flash technologies including MLC, pSLC, and 3D TLC.

From industrial applications in rugged environments to mass-produced consumer devices, Simms offers tailored solutions to meet diverse needs. In search of storage and DRAM on a single module? Simms offers eMCP and ePoP devices, along with standalone embedded DRAM solutions up to 4GB.

Range of product specifications

Industrial & Embedded

Interface SATA, PCIe
Form Factor eMMC, eMCP, ePOP, nanoSSD
Capacity 4GB - 256GB
Operating Temp -40°C to 105°C
Endurance Up to 1320 BTW
Warranty 2 - 5 Years

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Core Product Solutions


Smaller than a standard postage stamp, e.MMC is packaged in a fine pitch ball grid array (FBGA).

The compact footprint of e.MMC renders it highly suitable for embedded systems facing space constraints, while still demanding rugged endurance, reliability, and durability, especially in harsh environments.

Designed to meet the rigorous demands of industrial applications requiring both storage and controller functionalities within a single small package, e.MMC serves as a soldered-down solution, ensuring security against constant vibrations.

With an industrial temperature rating, e.MMC remains resilient across extreme conditions, ranging from freezing cold at -40°C to blistering hot at 105°C, safeguarding both the device and the data stored within it.


The nanoSSD offers high speed, high capacity, and low power consumption. Available in both PCIe and SATA formats, it features an integrated controller in a single ball grid array, simplifying integration into a wide range of applications.

nanoSSDs come equipped with a host of features, including AES 256-bit encryption, thermal throttling with an embedded thermal sensor, and wide operating temperature support. With impressive Read/Write speeds of up to 1700/1400 MB/s and capacities of up to 512GB, they offer high performance.

Utilizing industrial-grade 3D TLC NAND for endurance, reliability, and low power consumption, nanoSSDs are ideal for embedded, automotive, medical, gaming, and various industrial applications.

DRAM Components

DRAM components have emerged as a technology offering a unique combination of features and capabilities to address various design challenges, notably in handheld devices.

While the cost-per-bit of DRAM components integrated onto the same chip as the processor may be higher compared to equivalent standalone DRAM components used as external memory, the performance advantages often outweigh the cost disadvantages in numerous applications.

This technology finds application in consumer products such as gaming consoles, smartphones, and other devices requiring extended battery life due to its compact size and lightweight nature.

Why Asia Distribution?

DRAM is available in a wide range of capacities and sizes, and the Simms team possesses extensive expertise to provide guidance on selecting the most suitable fit, form, and function for your specific application needs.

Extensive range

We maintain a comprehensive inventory of hundreds of different types of DRAM modules sourced from top manufacturers, catering to various needs across data centers, workplaces, consumer settings, and gaming environments.

DRAM Expertise

With over 18 years of experience, our team has been deeply immersed in DRAM technology, continuously investing to uphold our knowledge at the forefront of the industry.


We ensure a minimum of two world-class vendors for every DRAM environment, offering you the flexibility and a wide range of options to meet your specific requirements.


We maintain robust relationships to enable direct access to seasoned FAEs (Field Application Engineers) and technical presales teams at leading global vendors.

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